7 Things I’m Excited For This Year | 27th Birthday

March 18th, 2018

Year 26 for me has been pretty great. I celebrated my goddaughter’s first birthday, my best friend’s engagement, and a bunch of other wonderful milestones. I grew KL Photography a ton – after finally getting through a mess of a rebrand. I have a sick new camera and laptop to help me do all things KLP much more efficiently for you all. Summer came & went far too fast.

Sitting here, thinking that I’ll be turning 27 tomorrow (November 10th!), I have all sorts of giddy feelings, like butterflies in my stomach. I just have this little (okay, MAJOR) gut feeling that this next year of my life is going to be something amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I know for all the good, that there’s also the bad & the ugly. I’m so ready for it.

I wanted to highlight & elaborate on some of all these amazing things I’m hinting at – here we go!

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Career Changes

I have to start with this one – chronologically, it’s the first to happen anyways. After what’s been a wonderful 3 and a half years as the Wellness Educator, I will be leaving Merrimack College to work right here in KL Photography! This one piece could really be like, the whole blog post because there’s just so much to look forward to!

I’ll be starting the year by visiting Meredith Ryncarz aka The Restart Specialist down in Savannah, Georgia to take a deep dive into my business & get my sh*t together & set myself up for a successful first year. I have lots of plans & lots of goals – stick around to see how it all goes!

Panini’s Birthday & Gotcha Day

While I can’t say we’re going to have a full-blown paw-ty, you bet we’re gonna celebrate in some type-a way for her birthday. The pupper is an almost-New-Year’s baby, born on January 2! And I can’t neglect her Gotcha Day on March 9. Again, no paw-ty, but, at the very least, a really heartfelt post on Insta.

My best- friend’s wedding

And her Shower… And her Bachelorette Party… I’m really gonna cheat on this one & count it as three. My best friend gets married on October 3, which is exciting in and of itself! But all the festivities beforehand that lead up to it are also big things not to be overlooked. I really can’t wait for all things Chaves!


One of Scott’s friends from grad school is also getting married, in May down in Florida! So we’ll be traveling down there for some fun & sun. As we sit here with a mid-30s high temp of the day, I can’t emphasize SUN any harder! Who know? Maybe we’ll take a little detour down to Disney for a couple of days!

Getting our Groove on

This one’s a little more low-key, but don’t get me wrong – it’s no less meaningful. Recently, Scott & I went to a ballroom dancing party in Salem, MA. It’s was a cold, raw, rainy night as we scuttled over to the mill building from dinner. Once we got there, it was… just… us. And the instructor. So basically we got a private lesson from BreAna Mutz & had a blast with her! I definitely know we’ll be back to see her soon! I’m a little surprised, but kinda not, at how much Scott enjoys dancing. I think he enjoys it more than I do – especially when he can show off all his smooth moves!

2020 is already looking to be something special. It’ll be full of love, growth, and challenges. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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