Five Ways to De-stress on Your Wedding Day

March 18th, 2018

It’s perfectly okay to get swept up in the excitement of your wedding day. From the moment you wake up, the action & emotions don’t stop all day! You’re getting your hair done, then your makeup, there’s people everywhere all the time wanting to talk & next thing you know you’re saying “I do”!  

You may even be thinking about all the details you’ve planned & wondering if you forgot something. Even the most prepared couple might start feeling anxious that they’ve overlooked an important detail. 

I’ve heard so many couples talk about how they felt like they blinked & their wedding was over in a flash. The purpose of this post isn’t to change how you experience your wedding day – my goal is to add a layer of peace & presence so you enjoy each & every moment as they happen. So, here’s some strategies to lean on for a less stressful, more relaxed wedding day.


Relaxing Wedding Morning Wake-Up

Before your feet even hit the floor, just… stop. Leave your phone where it is (after you turn off your alarm). Take an extra moment to lie there, cozy & warm. Visualize the day ahead of you – seeing all your friends & family together, walking down the aisle (or watching your love walk towards you!), your first kiss as a married couple, even the final dances of the night before you finally lay your head down again. 

If you’d rather get up & brew a cup of coffee or tea, you can do this same strategy then! Once you’ve got your mug, find a quiet spot – maybe back into your room – and do the visualization above. You can add an extra bit of mindfulness by pausing to feel the warmth of the cup in your hand, notice the smell coming it, the warmth of the steam on your chin & nose, the feeling of your body sitting where you are. 

Why is this important for a calm wedding day? Solitude in small doses is wildly beneficial. It will boost empathy, spark creativity, enhance focus, and improve your problem-solving abilities. Simply put, it’s a fabulous way to supercharge your battery! 

You can lean back on this tip at every phase of the day: right before you walk down the aisle, before you walk into the reception together & during your first dance. This small tip is a great way to start your wedding day stress-free, putting you on a path to stay calm all day. 


Eat, for chrissakes! 

It’s a big day, so you might have too many butterflies in your stomach to even consider eating breakfast, but lemme tell ya – that is a bad idea. Even if you’re not a breakfast person or not hungry, put a little something into your belly. 

Chances are, once you’re dressed, you won’t be eating until dinner – and many couples barely end up touching their food since they’re making the rounds to all their guests! Sip on a smoothie while in the makeup chair & pack some bars or trail mix to fuel up throughout the day. 

Why is this important for a stress-free wedding day? It’s essential to have something healthy in your body to prepare you for your big day ahead. Food really does impact your behavior and emotions! Even a simple snack will help to put you into a more positive, stress-free state with extra energy to get you through the day.


Turn to Aromatherapy 

Don’t underestimate the power of aromatherapy! You could go multiple ways with this: lighting candles or using an essential oil diffuser. Depending on where you’re getting ready, lighting a candle may be frowned upon, so a diffuser might be your best bet! 

No matter which scents you use, there’s an extra bonus with this one: Our memories are strongly connected to our sense of smell. So, the next time you light that candle or use the same combination of essential oils, you’ll be taken back to your wedding day. It can be your special way of going back down memory lane!

Whether you decide to light a candle or diffuse essential oils, lean towards softer scents. Lavender is well-known for its soul-soothing capabilities, but others, like jasmine, chamomile, and basil, have proven relaxing benefits as well. More traditional scents of candles like vanilla will also be a pleasant, soft scent. 

Why is this important for a relaxed wedding day? We know that slowing down our breathing deeply relaxes us. It calms our nervous system, even if we inhale for six counts and exhale for six counts ten times—the effect is remarkable. When we add essential oils to our slow and deep breathing, stress just melts away.


Don’t Hesitate to Delegate

I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but now it’s there & can’t bring myself to change it… Another way to keep the overwhelm to a minimum, is to lean on those around you. You can’t handle everything by yourself — as super as you may be. Weddings are major endeavors, so enlist friends and family to help make place cards, tie bows onto favors, and run errands.

Many couples select one person who isn’t the two of you for your guests to contact with last minute questions. This could be your wedding planner, the venue coordinator, or a trusted friend outside the wedding party. Remember your Maid of Honor & Best Man are supposed to be helping you, so they may not be the best people for everyone else to contact.

Why is this important for a peaceful wedding day? You have enough on your plate as it is, getting constant texts or calls about where to park are going to keep you tied to your phone & add a level of anxiety that, quite frankly, just isn’t necessary for you! 


Find Some Alone Time

One of the best things I have seen as a wedding photographer for Rhode Island is the couple taking 15-20 minutes to be alone after the ceremony or right before the reception. I mean, you JUST got married! Find a quiet spot, grab some hors d’oeuvres & a couple drinks and just… chill. Love on each other and take a breath! 

Why is this important for a mindful wedding day? Just like my first tip, the alone time can supercharge you for the rest of the night. You likely haven’t seen much of each other all day, and probably won’t spend any time alone until after the ceremony. Taking this time might be just what you both need in the middle of the day!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful for starting your wedding day stress-free! Namaste, my friend!

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