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March 18th, 2018

In the blink of an eye, our lives have all been turned upside down by COVID-19.

We are stronglyyy recommended to stay inside – only to go out for necessities like groceries & medications. Practice social distancing, 6 feet from one another at all times. The mandated closure of schools for a few weeks, if not more, while their parents who are essential employees are challenged to figure out childcare. And now beauty & entertainment businesses forced to close their doors, amongst other businesses that simply just can’t stay afloat at this time.

It’s… a lot, to say the least. When we all celebrated this new year and the new decade, I don’t think a single one of us on this Earth had any inkling COVID-19 was lurking around the corner, ready to attack.

In the midst of all this hysteria, there have been beautiful glimmers of compassion, confirming my faith in humanity. Something that’s resonated with me personally is a couple of photographer friends who’ve started photo projects to document the state of our lives at the moment.

I first saw my pal, Caroline of Caroline the Photographer, starting her “Social Distancing Project” in Haverhill and Newburyport, MA. You can see her announcement post here on Instagram. Then I saw my friend, Allie of Allie Photo, starting her “Front Steps Project” in Chelmsford, MA inspired by yet another photographer, Cara Soulia of Cara Soulia Photography based in Needham, MA.

So here I am, with my very own “Front Steps Project”. I’m tagging along with the Front Steps Project rather than creating my own name so we can all use the same hashtag and support one another online!

Here’s How The Front Steps Project Works

The “session” is free.

It’ll take 5-10 minutes.

I will stay 10 feet from you at all times, preferably with a door or window between us if possible to further emphasize the “social distancing” aspect.

You just come to your front door or window with your family, however you are & I’ll snap a few photos of you all. No need to get all dressed up – please do rock those jam jams, leggings, messy buns, all of it! After all, this is to document our temporary “new normal”.

You’ll receive one high-resolution digital file to document this period of our lives that no one is going to forget any time soon…

What You Need to Do to Participate in The Front Steps Project

Have a positive spirit and a willingness for a little bit of fun!

Complete the interest form below (also at this link).

Make a goodhearted promise to donate to a local non-profit or business who may be feeling the impact of this situation. Not sure who to donate to? Here’re some ideas!

Suggestions for Donations from The Front Steps Project

A loved one who’s been laid off or lost their job. Send them a small gift card to help!

Hair salons, barbers, nail salons that you usually frequent. Send them the amount you usually pay for their services.

Healthcare professionals. They’re working hard & could probably use a warm gesture.

Your local wedding/entertainment professionals who aren’t able to book their services or are struggling with rescheduling.

I personally recommend donating to Great Dog Rescue of New England, or Direct Relief.

Alrighty, here’s the form! Looking forward to meeting you from afar soon!

  1. Alyssa Parker says:

    Such a great idea!!

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