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As a bride myself, I completely understand how planning a wedding can be - to put it simply - A LOT. So when it comes to your wedding photography, you deserve better than it just "not feeling like a chore".

You'll think "Damn... Thank goodness we hired Erin" as I take things off your plate so you can take care of other wedding things or actually relax a little (imagine that?). On your wedding day, you'll breathe a little easier knowing I'm there to capture everything efficiently so you can be present having a grand ol' time with your crew and all the glowy feelings that come from getting married!

timeless heirlooms

It takes time, effort & energy to create

but it doesn't have to.

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Fueled by equal parts sweets & swear words (except around your flower girl & ring bearer!), I spend my day alleviating my couples' concerns around their wedding photographs, heirloom keepsakes & everything in between. Your story, your love, is beautiful & I feel blessed to capture it in emotional photographs that make time slow down.

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